Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The Antient Town of Rye

Stand in the churchyard in Rye
and look from left to right,
this is what you will see.

It doesn't matter
which way you turn
it is heart-breakingly lovely.

MrM took me to Rye for a treat.
The sun shone all day
and we were happy.


  1. One of my favourite places. Whenever I've been it's always been absolutely empty of people and very quiet.

  2. I have a set of very similar photos. It's so beautiful there isn't it. Thank you for reminding me.

  3. Very lovely. Now I must google Rye.....

  4. MrM had difficulty booking the weather but got there in the end. He is v sorry for any harsh words he may have uttered on MrsM's mapreading skills as it is now clear that Rye is not an easy place to negotiate with modern transport.

  5. Liz in Missouri USAMarch 05, 2014

    How Lovely! Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful little space!

  6. heart yearns to visit Rye again...

  7. Oh my goodness what a delightful treat, the sun shines on the righteous MrM!

  8. I have a question -- is Rye where Lucia lived? Or Henry James? I have some kind of a feeling about Rye. It does look delightful.

  9. Google indicates I may be right about both those people! Now i wonder where it is -- I'll go look.

  10. I once stayed in that pink house by the church when it was a b&b. It was very noisy as the clock chimed every 15 minutes.


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