Friday, 21 March 2014


MrM thinks that when he gets to Heaven
he will eat sfogliatelle every day
which is why he works hard
to make sure of his welcome.

The scenario is as follows:
St. Peter will stand with his clipboard
at the entrance to the Pearly Gates

"Cups of tea for MrsM - check.
Lifts to and from station for MissM - check.
Rugby tours with MasterM - check.
Travel agent for all and sundry - check."

Then he will shake MrM's hand

"Welcome to Heaven MrM
you have gone far beyond
the limits of human endurance...
here is a ticket for the fast track
to the pasticceria counter."

And MrM will amble off contentedly
to an eternity in Pastry Paradise.


  1. It will be well deserved!

  2. and there will be no calories in them x

  3. MrM sounds like an angel already

  4. MrM is fully conscious of the need to restrict intake of sfogliatelle, bomboloni or any other enticing pasticceria in this life as otherwise he may not be able to squeeze through the gates of either ultimate destination. Giving up butter for Lent may not be enough I fear as a long term strategy ...

  5. Now I feel guilty for living here ...

  6. They do look a though they would be pretty irresistible!! xx

  7. What about the coffee cake?


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