Friday, 28 March 2014

The Away Fixture

MasterM plays for the Dar Leopards these days.
It is hard rugby but a good way to make friends.

I had a shock when he sent these photographs
because I did not recognise him to start with.
I remembered the schoolboy rugby player
and he was not there, however hard I looked.

He tells me that he has to run onto the pitch
holding the hand of a little child.
I smile because it wasn't that long ago
that he was a mascot himself.

They are playing the Arusha Rhinos this weekend.
That's Arusha near Mount Kilimanjaro.
It's the local derby so it should be a close match.
If you are in the area do stop by to cheer the Leopards.


We are not sure who took these photos.
I will print a credit as soon as I can.


  1. I can only wish to be there, but if I were I'd be rooting like a PRO.

  2. Scary how big they get isn't it. I looked at a photo of my ten year old with some bigger opponents the other day and wondered for a moment why I had a picture of teenagers that I knew nothing about on my camera.

  3. I didn't get a WORD of that.

  4. How lovely!! My big one still plays rugby but closer to you than me- down at Habs in London. So like you I don't get to see him play much these days :( Does MasterM now work in Tanzania or is it more study?)


    How can that be my baby? How can that be my son?

    Standing on rugger field, no more than six feet one

    Steam is rising from him, his legs are streaked with blood

    And he wears a yellow mouthguard in a face that’s black with mud.

    How can that be my baby? How can he look like that?

    I used to sit him on my knee and read him Postman Pat

    Those little ears with cotton buds I kept in perfect shape

    But now they’re big and purple they’re fastened back with tape.

    How can that be my baby? How did he reach that size?

    What happened to his wellies with the little froggy eyes?

    His shirt is on one shoulder but it’s hanging off the other

    And the little baffled person at his feet is me: his mother.


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