Monday, 17 March 2014

Day 4 in Rome

I know that you have worried with me about my holiday wardrobe choices and I am grateful for that so I thought that I would report back...

Here we are in the Stadio Olimpico. I am wearing jeans, a delightful little white cotton top and a jumper with an interesting reverse seam detail. The outfit is accessorized with sunglasses, a scarf bought locally and two Peroni bottles.

Just back from Rome and it's a bit mad here.
So much to tell you about but so little time.
I'll be right back.


  1. Not sure about the Peroni bottles, personally.

  2. You are such a style icon - front cover of Vogue here we come!

  3. It does appear, from this angle, that you are actually wearing the Peroni bottles.
    Welcome back. Again.

  4. Be honest. Did you put your jumper on inside out?

  5. Yes, it looks like your arms are VERY long ...

    Meanwhile Brizio was in England for a week *----*

  6. Liz in Missouri USAMarch 17, 2014

    Oh, definately stick with the Peroni bottles! Just that added touch to finish off the perfect outfit! They probably would go with LOTS of things! ;-) LOLOL

  7. I shall say nothing of the two men that you have your very long arms round inside those bottles....

  8. I do hope you didn't drink All that beer by yourself......

  9. You look wonderful!


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