Thursday, 27 March 2014

MrsM, hipster

Just me, MissM and a few fans
at a Bombay Bicycle Club gig.
Nothing much to see. Move on.


  1. Got the moves babe.

  2. You really are hip - I've never even heard of them!

  3. MrsM has always been a been of a funky raver ... compared to me at least

  4. MrsM has always been a bit of a funky raver ... compared to me at least.

    Note to self - use preview function - festina lente time of year

  5. Been away for a few days and when I read all your posts one after the other I renew my statement that your blog is AWESOME. Colours, family, joy, hip moves. Everything and then some.

  6. You are SO down with the kids....hope you threw a few shapes.


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