Friday, 7 March 2014

Pass the Butter

I'm giving up butter for Lent.
It is my principal vice
and Lent seems a good time
to exercise self control.

This means that
hot buttered crumpets
feature frequently in my dreams.

When I told the lady on the East Africa desk
she laughed derisively and claimed
that her vices were more interesting.

Only 40 days.
That's 40 toast-less breakfasts
And 40 crumpet-less tea-times.
I feel droopy at the thought.

It's going to be hard
but I can do it.
And no cheating on Sundays.
That's just for wimps.

I hope I don't get too grumpy.


  1. I work with an elderly lady who claims that she has weekends off from lent because of her age.

  2. Take heart Alice, you are allowed to relax lenten observances on Mothering Sunday.

  3. Oh I love butter too, lots and lots of it. Sigh. None for me this Lent either. I'm sure we'll get used to it in a couple of weeks or so and stop obsessing about the delicious way it melts and drips and glistens and is utterly fabulous. I'm sure we will.

  4. I hope that you can achieve your goal and that you will be pleased to have done it when you reach Easter Sunday and then you can have a lovely buttery hot cross bun! xx

  5. These butter serving plates are to die for!
    You'll win this. I know it.
    I used to do no sweet/noalcohol Lents back in the day. I don't anymore.
    I've become weak and lazy. But no meat Fridays (and Ash Wednesday) are always observed.

  6. you could smother your crumpets in clotted cream, surely that would be allowed? it's not butter.

  7. Liz in Missouri USAMarch 07, 2014

    Well personally, I think that giving up butter simply makes room for all the lovely jams and jellies that are available to smother toast with! So you see? There's always an "up" side. These are beautiful butter dishes. I think when I get home today I'll pull out my grandmother's silver butter dish and start using it, instead of hiding it in the cabnet. (I'm struggling with giving up soft drinks for Lent - but not butter! LOL)

  8. Gosh what beautiful butter dishes, maybe MrM might surprise you at the end of lent... In any case just think how delicious those crumpets will be after a period of abstinence, no chocolate here...

  9. 40 days without butter? I simply cannot go one day without it. Good luck.

  10. I could not.


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