Wednesday, 26 October 2011

unexpected gifts

My white camellia is flowering!
In October!

I am enchanted until I realise
that it might not bloom again in Spring.
So I cut a bloom in the damp early morning
and photograph it to help me remember
the bright perfection for another year.

This post is for Diktynna
whose email was so welcome
in a busy, noisy day.
Thank you.


  1. In the damp early morning and on such a lovely plate.
    Keep this in your heart and mind as the days go so dark and cold.

  2. How gorgeous! We're in too cold a climate for these to survive, so I love seeing yours.

  3. A beautiful photo, those petals against the blue of the plate- an inspired pairing!

  4. It looks so perfectly peaceful there on the plate.

  5. oh so lovely. coming here is like a hug for the soul. x

  6. Thank you.

  7. Isn't that lovely? You must have been very good to deserve such a gift.

  8. So pretty...the white of the flower next to the blue of that beautiful plate!
    I love camellias...thanks for sharing.

  9. i am enchanted by the wonderful blue plate of yours !

  10. I can smell it from here - and it's wonderful!
    thanks for sharing!


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