Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Casa Tosi

The house was built in 1700
and was already old by the time Italy was unified.

It nestles into a curve of the hillside
above Capolona and below Casavecchia.

Inside, the rooms are cool and elegant
and the fragrance of pine trees fills the air.

Light filters through the shutters
onto the polished tile floor.

Sitting in the shade outside at midday
you hear a cascade of bells
from every corner of the valley.

It was a tranquil place to relax
and discuss plans for the future.


  1. Oh how wonderfully serene. And very intrigued by the plans for the future... K x

  2. Big plans deserve a special setting, and I think you found one there.

  3. it looks so 'familiar', if you know what I mean. Like all Italian houses do to me...

    that one is a particularly splendid specimen though.

  4. How absolutely blissful and serene.

  5. Oh boy.

    What bb said..

  6. The magic of Tusccany.

  7. Oh how beautiful! I would love to sit there in the sun!

  8. Oh how I want to go back there. I'm so glad you had such a beautiful house to stay in. Did you see any swallowtail butterflies?


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