Wednesday, 26 August 2009

A Silvery Story with a Happy Ending

This story has a beginning
in which MrsM struggled with her conscience...

flower charm with small ivory freshwater pearl

but then inspiration struck
and MrsM wrote secretly to SilverPebble


"Can we talk charm bracelets?
I really want one
but it must be different to MissM's."

butterfly with small ivory freshwater pearl

And then there was a flurry of emails
about charms and enamel
and pearls and crystals
and it was all very exciting.

house with small sterling bead

And now the story has a happy ending
because the bracelet has arrived
and is utterly delicious.

Especially the Magpie.

Magpie with small sterling beads

Thank you, Emma
I am absolutely thrilled.


  1. I knew it! I knew it was you!!

    So excited... (And again, well done, Emma!)

  2. That is the most perfect charm bracelet I've ever seen!

  3. Feel so sad that I have to tell you that yours is not the only charm bracelet that looks like that :-( You see I saw just a week or so ago on a crafter's blog 'somewhere'. Perhaps you could don riot armour and go sort it out. Be careful she will be armed with small stones ;-)

    (as it was on Missus Pebble's blog your bracelet is so very lovely this must just be jealousy talking)

  4. So perfect. Somehow I knew there'd be a magpie at the end! K x

  5. It's gorgeous...and I love the way you've photographed it. Lucky MrsM, and a very talented Silverpebble!

  6. What a lovely ending to the story. Having first seen this gorgeous bracelet on Silver Pepbbles blog it feels good knowing it has gone to a such a lovely home. Enjoy wearing it Alice.

  7. Oh it was for you! I adored the bracelet when I saw it on Emma's blog and I'm so glad you'll be wearing it!

  8. I am so thrilled to have been able to make this for you Alice - and I do love the way you've photographed it! It's made me excited all over again. Bloggers are discerning so I was a little nervous. Hurray though! It was a joy to make.

  9. oh...

    charms bracelets are sooo ... charming!

    This one especially!!

  10. You tricky girls! I saw it and loved it on Emma's blog. The magpie is perfect.

  11. How wonderfully lovely and pretty :)

    (The magpie is definately an added bonus)


  12. should there not be a multi-magpie bracelet ? Just to be even more different ??

  13. Bellissimo!

  14. Oh the magpie is lovely. Does she do coffee cups?

  15. Coming in a day late on this one.... sigh....... As I panned down each photo I smiled more and more. I recognised the bracelet (having seen it on Silverpebble's Blog) and also, I just LOVED the way you photographed it. A lovely contemporary feel...... Brilliant.

  16. Oh how pretty! I love it. especially the Magpie.

  17. Perfect partnership. Two of my favourite bloggers together.


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