Saturday, 22 August 2009

A Midsummer Nightmare

It was the perfect summer evening:
warm and still under a cloudless sky.

Just the evening to watch Shakespeare in the Park.

Alas! Alack!
It was the worst production we have ever seen.

I had bad vibes when I saw the fairies
and knew I had better wings in my dressing-up box.

I preferred the production I once saw
where everyone was wearing Nazi uniform
and that is saying something.

Even I could tell that the recorder playing
was excruciatingly out of tune.

The best bit was the speech at the start
when he told us to turn off our mobile phones.

So MrsM took some photos
of the sky as the sun set,
thought about her holiday in Italy
and let MasterM rest his head
on the soles of her new loafers.

And they all went home at the interval.


  1. Well I suppose as it was so bad you can be excused feet.
    At least it wasn'r raining..small blessings.

  2. Oh, how sad. But you have new shoes - see, there's always a positive to be found.

  3. Well... your loafers are nice.

  4. Oh, that is SO sad! At least you were in congenial company.

    I just took a 24-hour vacation, which included performances of Hamlet and Othello, with a night's sleep between and 100 miles of driving before and after. If the productions had not been wonderful, I think I would have wept.

  5. Tragicomic! Aren't you glad you blog, so you can write an hilarious account of your experience and know that, because some goofy couple in rural Missouri are laughing uproariously at your family's witty repartée, it's all worthwhile??

    (As newlyweds, we got season tickets to the opera. Clearly we were not Opera People, however, because we routinely left at intermission to go enjoy creme brulée at a nearby restaurant...)

  6. Oops - I got carried away with l'accent aigue. Please forgive...

  7. Oh what a shame! I hope you all had a glass of something when you got home. I'm to do the same on Friday. I do hope it's a good production!

  8. What a shame... but a pleasant evening for lounging about.

  9. I laughed most at the thought of the turning off your mobiles being the best part of the play!

  10. The sunset makes it all worth while! And by going home at half time you didn't get cold!

    Pomona x

  11. And lovely new loafers too.

  12. oh dear! what a shame...

  13. Welcome back Alice. After 57 years we are at long last about to see 'The Mousetrap'. I do hope we're not forced to leave at the interval!! Bobby x

  14. We left a "modern" opera at the interval once..... And the great shame was that local school children had obviously been given tickets to put "bums on seats".... their first experience of opera must have put them off for life!

  15. Sound awful but nice at the same time. Great that you can do things all together!

  16. Richard III? (channelling a bad rag joke that I'm trying very hard not to actually express...)



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