Saturday, 29 August 2009

MasterM and the Sea

Hemingway at Walloon Lake, Michigan 1904

MasterM packs his bag
for a week of Marlin fishing
in Madeira

passport - check
tickets - check
gift for host - check

(MrsM expresses surprise and delight
at this organised approach to packing.)

Hemingway at Walloon Lake, Michigan

MasterM displays books which have been chosen
specifically for holiday reading!

(MrsM is enchanted)

MasterM says "I might need something to read
if the boat is captured
by Somali pirates.

(MrsM doesn't blink)

Just kidding..."

Hemingway at Walloon Lake, Michigan

MasterM selects some smart clothes
in case they go out to eat in a restaurant!

(Stop! Stop! This is all too much for MrsM!)

MasterM counts the T shirts in the pile

"No...that is not enough...
I expect they will all get covered with fish guts
so I might need some spares."

(MrsM is back in her comfort zone with a bump.)

Hemingway, off Bimini 1935


  1. The amazing ability of boys to bring you back to earth with a bump.

    And I love the Hemingway photos.

  2. Has he grown a Hemingway tache?

  3. I hope he has a wonderful time.

  4. It seems to me that MasterM has the life of Riley...!

  5. I am starting to be slightly jealous of MasterM. But I understand ... I was young too, ONCE.

  6. is MasterM a Pisces ??

  7. Very impressed with his packing skills! Maybe he can hire himself out as a packing coach. I know some men who could use his help! And love the photos... K x

  8. I would be reassured that Somali pirates aren't normally that interested in fish-gut reeking marlin fishermen.

    A very cool trip.

  9. The 'p' word again!

    Marlin fishing seems very glamorous. What happened to sticklebacks?

  10. Is MasterM reading The Sun Also Rises?
    (suggested due to many hemmingway pics and the mention of fishing)
    If not, may I recommend it?


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