Monday, 24 August 2009

MasterM, Gourmand

Can you pass the gravy.

I didn't know you liked gravy!
Is this a new thing?

What do you mean?
I have always liked gravy.

That is NOT true...
there was a time when you only ate dry food. (1)

That was years ago...(2)
now I have gravy on chicken and beef and lamb...

but not on sausages.

I am ethically opposed to gravy on sausages.


Yes, I feel sorry for the little guys
swimming around on the plate

it just seems cruel

so ketchup is the only option for sausages.


MasterM was a child who made careful choices about food.
He lived successfully for three months
on a diet of cucumber and milk.
I gave up worrying at an early stage.

Two years ago.
Or maybe eighteen months.


  1. No 1 had three months of Kraft cheese slices and fromage frais.

    I too don't worry anymore.

  2. I always laugh so much at the familiarity of these conversations with Master M.
    And "careful food choices" sounds so much better than fussy eater. I shall remember that one!

  3. After 14 years gemma has suddenly decided that she loves onions, in any form. I live in hope that she soon feels the same way about potatoes.

    love and hugs (the other) Gina xxx

  4. your son speaks truth. Tomato sauce truly is the best option for sausages.

  5. 'Careful food choices'. I am saving that one up; I'm sure I shall be needing it in, oh, about 3 hours?!

  6. The mind boggles: did he pour his milk over his cucumber (a la cereals), or make "smoothies".....? Mine wouldn't eat tomatoes or carrots (always referred to as red/orange "aliens").

  7. I too commend "careful food choices."
    Frankly, Youngest has always been a bit of a brat about food.

    I'm thinking there are many new things to learn about MasterM.

  8. I too am going to use 'careful food choices' from now on! K x

  9. I concur with MasterM and Trash. Ketchup for 'sossi' as MissP2 calls them. Thankyou for the chuckle Alice.

    (whispers... I went to the post office this morning...)

  10. I must join the group loveing the new trend, i.e. the "careful food choices club"
    That is some chic way to define a picky eater.
    I believe we were (or are) all part of this club.

  11. I met a kindergarten teacher the other day who revealed that she says matter-of-factly, "Oh, you haven't learned to like that yet," when someone squawks about a particular food. I immediately stole the idea.

  12. I too have a boy with lots of food rules. eg tomato sauce is OK on a pie, but not on a hot dog; butter is OK on a vegemite sandwich, but not on a chicken sandwich; gravy is OK on a roast, but not on a vegetable.

    It is all so confusing...


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