Monday, 31 August 2009

Saturday Evening in South Kensington

We join the crowds in Kensington Gore
enjoying the stroll towards the Royal Albert Hall.

Up the staircase and along the corridor
to the tiny door which must be unlocked
before we can go into our box
swathed and festooned in red plush and velvet.

There is a little table at the back of the box
and we stand around at the interval
and enjoy sushi and chilled Pouilly-Fumé.

After the concert it is still early enough
to sit in Carluccio's
and eat ice cream out of tall slim glasses.

It was an evening of wonderful music
and unexpected delights.


  1. Don't you ever vacuum? Or re-organize the cupboards?

  2. For shame blackbird! It falls to us mere mortals to continue the daily grind thus freeing magpies to soar to the stars.

    Gives us something to look at while we scrub pans ;-)

  3. Alice's cupboards are lined with sumptuous fabric and stuffed with fancy china. There is no need to reorganise them, just peer into them every so long and sigh appreciatively.

  4. A box? A BOX?!!!!!

    We're not worthy.

    What a wonderful treat - and I know you absolutely made the most of it. Out of interest, which prom was it? We may have watched it on TV ...

  5. Wonderful.
    My long time ago visits to the proms were when my eyesight was excellent.
    Which was essential for the view I had.
    I was not in a a box.
    If I tried that ascent nowadays I might have to leave in one..
    Been to Carluccio's though..oh was the cafes in Chiswick and Richmond, maybe you were at the posh Restaurant?
    I love these pictures you paint with words.

  6. Which Prom did you see?
    And I did NOT know that they served champagne in the interval - something they neglect to tell us mere mortals backstage!

  7. wow.

    ah... the life the other half live....

  8. Gosh. It does sound lovely. Back to my vacuuming.

  9. the sushi was certainly hoovered up very smartly ...

    Mahler 4th by the way

  10. How elegant! I've never even been in the Royal Albert Hall... K x

  11. How blissful... the box, the champagne, the prom, the ice cream. Who cares about vacuuming and cupboards.

  12. I wish we lived near London!


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