Tuesday, 25 August 2009

A Chinaholic Abroad

Blue and white china
which is fresh and bright
in muted English light
looks harsh and sharp
against plaster walls
and terracotta tiles.

I fall in love yet again
with the milky glaze
and earthen colours
of the local pottery

but know in my heart
that it is a holiday romance
and that the shapes and shades
look best in the Tuscan sunlight

so I spend my money
on an Italian leather handbag instead.


  1. Its like the ouzo that tastes so fabulous on a balcony hung with pomegranate trees overlooking the Aegean.
    In Lancashire ..its just not t'same.

    I hope your handbag serves you better than my ring.(End of this post if you are interestedhttp://dogdaisychains.blogspot.com/2008/08/unlike-edith-piaf.html)

  2. Oh Mrs M. Once again I come here to find wisdom and grace dispensed freely. Resist blandishments of holiday romancers, invest in relationships with steady and solid individuals who will bring long term joy and beauty to your life.

  3. Yet another good decision! K x

  4. A wise decision I think.

  5. I'd take a handbag anytime.

    Don't you just love them?


    Next time I'll give you the address of the local factory near my parents... family business... great jackets/coats/bags!!!

  6. Ooh, I'd like to see the handbag. Tuscan leather is beautiful. I have a handbag from the Florentine leather market. You did well to resist the smooth talking ceramics!

  7. as a non-independent witness I could swear it was borse rather than borsa ...

    It would have been very singular it had been otherwise

  8. Hit him with your handbag!! :O)


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