Thursday, 27 August 2009

Marshmallow Marble

It was so hot in Siena
that I could hardly bear to breathe.

The thought of queuing in the sun
on the steps of the Duomo was intolerable

so we sat in the shade
and admired the extravagant facade
and planned where to have lunch.

The columns curve and swirl upwards
in a riotous fantasy of pink and white

from the marble pavement
where the monk administrator
sits patiently at his desk.

In 1339 a massive extension was started
but the outbreak of Black Death in 1348.
limited the ambitious plans and the building stopped.

This is the cut-price version.

It reminds me of a fairy-tale castle
of pink and white marshmallows
that I created on top of a birthday cake for MissM.

I wonder if she remembers it?


  1. I'm sure she does. Or will as soon as she reads this!

  2. The Siena Cthedral puts you in mind of a homemade birthday cake from your family's past? My word those are some serious sugarcraft skills you have been hiding under a bushel Mrs M!

  3. I wish I'd known, I could have recommended an excellent restaurant in Sienna. I too am impressed with your cake crafting skills!

  4. It certainly is a fantasy all in pastel.

  5. So, are we going to see a marshmallow rerun?

    I've not been to Siena but I do remember wandering from one resytaurant to another to avoid the midday sun in Rome years ago!

  6. I've been there! Right there!

  7. Sort of makes you wonder if the Black Death hadn't come along to thwart their plans just how extravagant it could have been - more coffee table photos Mrs M

  8. Nice pictures. I love Italian stone carving. Just the mention of Carrara, Travertine & Porphyry gives me the shivers!

  9. I can't imagine that heat. But I can imagine how beautiful Siena must be.

  10. It's STILL that hot. But I don't complain, at least we have the sea.

  11. isn't it beautiful? I love Siena...

  12. Beautiful! I studied the Duomo in my Art history classes in college. Wish I could see it in person.


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