Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Early Learning

Dendroaspis polylepis


Did you know
that there are only 7 people
in the whole of Africa
who have survived without anti-venom
after being bitten by a Black Mamba
and I know 2 of them.

How amazing is that?

MrsM sits safely on her sofa
and considers the significance of this statistic.

She wonders, faintly, if the hours invested
watching Steve Irwin on the Discovery Channel
will be sufficient protection for her son.


  1. Oh Goodness - even Steve Irwin couldn't protect himself in the end!

  2. That boy of yours is a little tinker - he knows how to drop the pebble in the pond to check that you still have his best interests at heart

  3. Alice, you nearly KILLED me! I have a HUGE FOBIA of snakes. May I politely ask you to warn us before you post such pictures?
    Thank God Fabio had just comoe back home because I threw my laptop away and could not face it for the life of me.

  4. 'n with Paola - a photo like that could put me off for life!

    Master M is a mischief.

  5. Don't you just love 'em!
    I think it is a rather beautiful snake... but then I'm odd like that. Reptiles and rodents are no problem but a spider in the room and I'm out!

  6. You know he is doing this solely to supply you with blog fodder right?

  7. My Aunty grew up in the bush in Zimbabwe and she has told me some terrible Black Mamba stories!!! No wonder you freaked :-)

  8. whereas a Green Mamba is a scoop of ice cream in 7-Up I think.

    MasterM is fully insured - would rather avoid the paperwork though if at all possible

  9. I have laughed my head off at Mr M's comments re Green Mambas and am wondering if he is safe to be out and about on his own? You should possibly be more worried about HIM..... :O)))))))))

  10. I thought he was going to say he was the second one.

  11. Oh, Alice, bless your heart.

    (I hate to be a total weirdo, but I think that's a breathtakingly gorgeous snake photo. Not scary at all. It's the being taken by surprise by snakes that I don't fancy.)

  12. Oooh, he is a rascal that boy of yours.

  13. Yikes.
    Lovely snake.

  14. I have to agree with Anne B's assessment of the situation here.

  15. Please tell me he spent time with Les Hiddens too. The bush tucker man knows stuff.

  16. Oh dear! I am thinking I would try not to think about that too much!


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