Saturday, 3 April 2010

Easter Primroses

I am surprised to see primroses
tucked into sheltered places
despite the endless wintry rain
and leaden skies.

Perhaps Spring is not far away, after all.

We are having a quiet time at home
and thinking of MasterM by the beach.
The family Easter Egg hunt
will not be the same without him
but The Easter Bunny has made arrangements
for a Chocolate Egg supplement
to his monthly allowance.

I wish you a peaceful Easter weekend.


  1. I take calcium, Vitamin D, CO-Q10 and Omega 3's. Thinking I would have no trouble choking down Chocolate Egg supplement as well. Happy Easter, we too are down one chick this year, why does life have to change?

  2. Happy Easter to you and yours - wherever they may be!

  3. Have a lovely Easter.

  4. Happy easter Alice, to you and your family.

  5. Happy Easter to you too, the primroses are truly lovely :-)

  6. Wishing you the happiest of Easters. :O)

  7. Spring is definitely later this year - our plum tree is only just coming into blossom a full month later than she did last year. Still the primroses are definite proof it's on the way. Enjoy your quiet Easter weekend

  8. yes.
    a very happy Easter to you dear Alice.

  9. I'm a long way from chicks flying from the chocolate Shredded Wheat nest, but can imagine the empty egg cup. Reciprocal Easter greetings to you! Have a lovely day!

  10. Love the idea of a chocolate egg supplement. I think this should be included in all workers' pay packets as well! K x


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