Friday, 16 April 2010

MrsM reclines

Lady Jane Montagu
Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres( 1780 - 1867 )

MrsM sometimes pines for a secretary.

She imagines herself lying on the chaise longue
dictating affectionate messages
to be sent post haste.

To bb
I wake at night worrying about your cold sore.

To Paola
I am so sorry about the s***e picture.

To Kathe
You MUST control your passion for cute boys on boats.

To Tracy
I see your weeds and raise you.

To Lynn
Get better. Immediately.

To Jen
What!! No meme this week. Disaster!

To Coffee Lady.
I blame you (see above)

To Tracey
Letting a friend go is hard so I send my love.

To Gina
You are insanely talented.

To Jackie
Handwriting? Maaaaybe...IF I can find a pencil.

To Cat
Please do NOT use vinegar for poaching eggs.

To Trash
It gets easier when they get older. (Just kidding.)

To Anne
That try!! What a girl!!

To Kristina
Such an adorable squiggly scarf. You are so clever.

To Monica
Have a lovely time in Italy. Bring back the sunshine.

To Sarah
Thinking of you!

To Cathy
Thinking of you!

To Baa-Me Kniits
Hello to the heart of Australia!

To Ali
Thank you for lunch...and for listening

To MrM
Don't forget to get some Euros

And then MrsM would sigh languidly
and ask the secretary to water the orchids
while she was in Paris for the weekend.


  1. I am honored to be mentioned. But to the heart of the matter, are you REALLY gong to to Paris for the weekend? But of course, why else would MrM be dispatched for Euros?? I have been reminded recently, envy is not a bad thing, it just means you want what someone else has for yourself. It falls on deaf ears. Bon voyage, dear Alice.

  2. Wouldn't that be wonderful then you could write your lovely Poetry all day long! :-) If only we all had a chaise longue to lie languidly on.....but then we wouldn't get to go to Paris??

  3. HEH. And she would say,"That's all" like Miranda Priestly !!

  4. ...(because I would LOVE to do that! To a machine, anyway, if not a person.)

  5. Have a lovely weekend - hopefully you're not flying - thanks for the compliment about Sarah :o)

  6. I'd rather have a housekeeper. Imagine how much chaise time that'd give me!

    Bon voyages.

  7. Paris in the
    the Spring. How lovely.

  8. Please tell me you weren't flying.

  9. The weekend has just arrived here. I hope yours arrived just as quickly.

    I am sending the beautiful Flo in your direction. I'm certain you'd adore her.

  10. Have the most wonderful time. I am glad you chose Lucida for me........

  11. Have a fabulous weekend. There is a song for every occasion - I'm sure you know the one for today.

  12. After reading what you think about I understand the sad face but then! Paris!
    Why the sad face then?
    I was never there, la cité lumière ... not that I am frantically in love with French (as any good Italian!) but still, Paris MUST be visited at least once. Doesn't it?
    So. Enjoy Paris, find a chaise longue and take some time to think only about sweet things.

  13. Do you mean raise me off my latte/wine-filled backside to actually do something about those weeds? The lady in your painting has the exact same face as mine when looking at those weeds!

  14. Oooh thank you for including me, too! Have a lovely time in Paris. K x

  15. oh. have a delightful time.

  16. Have a divine weekend (going by train I hope)

  17. And you would be meeting ME in Paris, right?

  18. I hope you're not intending to fly!!!!

    train? must be train. You're smart, you must be going by train... your links to the geographical society must have warned you about that volcano.... did they?

  19. I think Mrs M has managed admirably without a secretary. But remember if you do it, it proves it can be done.
    I am very interested to see other peoples handwriting,I hope you find a pencil but I think pen is better for photography.

  20. Feeling heaps better, thank you ever so much.

    Hope you're eating plenty of extra fromage, pain au chocolat et vin rouge for me. Heck, throw in a madeleine or two.

  21. P.S. Do you know that where I come from, people typically say something that sounds like "chase lounge" instead of chaise longue? Painful.

  22. Ha ha. I promise not to use vinegar as long as you promise to eat piles of macaroons for me.

  23. Thank you for thinking about me! Feeling better and am looking forward to a week without chemo treatments :)

  24. And I'd reply, To Alice; who really gets it about the apricot.


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