Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Musée Carnavelet

We visited the Musée Carnavelet
en route to our favourite brasserie
for Sunday brunch.

I don't want to give the impression
that we are half hearted
in our search for culture and knowledge...

the fact that we were prepared to go to a museum
before breakfast
gives an indication of our dedication.

I think I could have stayed all day
wandering along the corridors
and taking photos of the shadows.

Who could resist the chance
to play with their camera
in such beautiful surroundings?

Not me.

Next time we go to Paris
I will go and read the labels.

Many thanks to the Musée Carnavelet
for their welcoming attitude to cameras.


  1. As I read it I am imagining the creaks made by the exquisite parquetry floors.

  2. That's a great series of photos in such an interesting setting.
    ( also loved seeing your 2 in the last post .)

  3. Tracey left such a beautiful comment.

    I am not going to.

    I am simply going to admit to an enormous surge of envy!

  4. Sometimes
    it's difficult
    for me
    to remember
    that you and yours
    can travel to Paris
    in much the same way
    that I
    can travel to New Jersey.

  5. It's not the Museum (beautiful though it is) that gives your post an air of sophistication for me. It's the fact that you have a favourite brasserie. In Paris.

  6. Love love LOVE the pictures.
    And that's all I'm going to say ...

  7. Formidable. And terrific that you were there early enough to get such interesting shadows. Thanks for getting up!!

  8. I'm with Ali - a favourite brasserie in Paris is tres chic.

  9. One thing I never associate you with is half heartedness.

  10. MrM would like to point out that it was his idea to go to Musee Carnavalet on a sunny Sunday morning rather than loitering rather la Madeleine and the blandishments of Fauchon and other places suggested by MrsM.

    The fact that entrance is free at all times was not significant.

    The Louvre does seem a bit much to handle at times - unless one has a guided tour of course.

  11. Someday I'll actually make it to Paris. And then I'll beg you for all your tips for the best museums and brasseries! K x

  12. Don't you just love those other museums in Paris. I remember visiting a lovely little place that my Aunty told me about that had all the tapestries....beautiful :-)


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