Friday, 2 April 2010

The Secret Ingredient...


My recipe collection
is filled with tiny notes,
drawings and precious letters.
Memories spill out of every page.


  1. I find this completely adorable! How lovely:-)
    Which one wrote this, and how old were they?

  2. Treasures indeed. I have quite a collection myself; in fact, as we speak, I am looking at a wall of drawings that all feature "I Love You Lynn" (backwards Ns). In real life he calls me Mama, but on paper it's Lynn.

    Of course there's always the occasional "I Hat You" note, too...

  3. My recipe book, on the other hand, is littered with smudges and exclamations!

  4. family history at its best.

  5. Wonderful! I hope you've had a happy Easter... and Master M has enjoyed his too. We had all the children her this year but there will be no Joe next year.


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