Monday, 12 April 2010

Linen, white

My arms full of pillowcases and sheets,
I am distracted
by the sight of the Magnolia,
crumpled and damp
with early morning dew.


  1. Mine's not out yet. And I must change the bedlinen. Though I can't promise to do it as poetically.

  2. I lust at a distance... at yours via the internet, and at next door's viewed from an upstairs window.

  3. I so love magnolias. They remind me of home...Now back to the pillowcases... K x

  4. I've spotted several magnolias in flower this past week... so beautiful.

  5. Distracted, crumpled and damp - that sounds just like me, most mornings!

  6. The lovely Magnolia is one of my favourite flowers, I'm not sure if I can grow them here. Will have to check that out??


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