Friday, 30 April 2010

same time, same place

It is the start of the exam term.

I have done it before
and I know what hard work it is
but I must admit that I had forgotten
the feeling of being bombarded from every angle
and probably by the time I am used to it
the last exam paper will be in storage.

Six short weeks,
and it will all be over for another year...
I am keeping my mind fixed on that.


  1. Alice, I saw in your earlier post that the minders at the exams are called 'invigilators'. What a marvellous word ( I presume that is their job?)
    During the Depression my grandfather took accounting exams for night school and he and his colleagues labelled such persons, evocatively, 'bulldogs'. Don't think it would go down so well with university admin these days somehow.

  2. I sympathise Alive, having just come out of the budgetting and year end period I also know it happens each year (I've done four) but the shock to the system and the feeling of overwhelming 'how do I fit all this in by the end of the day' still comes as a surprise - however you survived last year and you will this - I wish you a smooth and trouble free voyage to quieter waters

    Make sure MrM is waiting in a pinny with your pipe and slippers when you return at the end of each frazzled day :o)

    WV - blectic - rather appropriate I thought

  3. For many these could be the longest 6 weeks.

  4. You're so efficient and organized I know everything will go smoothly. And you must come up with a special treat to celebrate the end of the six weeks!

    K x

  5. Hopefully my wardrobe will extend beyond a pinny on its own ...

  6. The photograph illustrated this post so beautifully...........

    And Mr M's contribution via his comment made me roar with laughter....

  7. Perhaps on more mature reflection AB was referring to pinstripes ? Then again, perhaps not

  8. I love that photo! So calming and reflective, to me yes but possibly not to those facing exams. I hope MrM is waiting in more than just a pinny as well....the mind boggles ;-)
    Do you get holidays when its all over??

  9. Yes, I remeber the exam period feeling like a lifetime when it was happening, but the day you post the results - having, hopefully, found the papers that got lost enroute to the external examiner, tracked down all the scripts where a candidate has put the wrong number/ no number at all, and double checked all the figures more times than you care to remember... What a great feeling of achievement that it's all over for another year and there's a summer to look forward to. Hope you've got organised exam officers.

  10. Oh. What are your tools for relaxation? Mine are the garden and the pliers.

    Whilst in Norfolk I saw dried umbellifers exactly like your header. These were next to the sea.

  11. I love that photo.


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