Monday, 5 April 2010

Easter in a Country Church

We woke early so that we could drive the hundred miles
to be with Granny and Grandpa
for the Easter morning service in their church.

At least, that was the plan...
MrM slept through the alarm.
But we made it on time.

We squeezed into the tiny pews
and shared our hymn books and candles
and smiled at the identical twin boys in the front row
and listened to Thomas preach the Easter sermon.

I watched the blue tinted patterns of light
on the newly painted sanctuary wall
and wished I could capture them.

At the end of the service the children ran outside
to find the Easter eggs
hidden in the churchyard.

As I knelt on the damp grass to take a photograph
one of the little twin boys
showed me his cap full of chocolate.

I looked at him and said, carefully,
"If you eat all that chocolate, you will be SICK."
and he replied, very seriously,
"Oh no, I won't. I'm special like that."


  1. blissful photos and story telling..

  2. We each have our talents. Me? I can consumer an entire bag of chips.

  3. Oh, this is so lovely and I want to thank you. What a special time for all. It is just so peaceful.
    Thank you, I guess I already said that, but take it times two.
    p.s. I could never eat that much chocolate, but I could consume many eggs with tea. Whee! Happy and blessed spring.

  4. this may not interest anyone but I did not eat one sngle piece of chocolate this Easter. Or pastiera, for that matters.

  5. Those Easter egg hunts can get bloody, you know.

  6. hope you had a lovely Easter, Alice.

  7. I wish my small boy had had that talent last night.

  8. What a peaceful way to spend the morning - after the mad dash to get there of course!

  9. Lovely photos Alice, happy Easter.

  10. I have two "special" boys it would appear! Though I do directly blame the cocoa intake for one released rabbit! Though it was probably very symbolic in some pascal way!

  11. I didn't have that talent, as my father learnt to his dismay........

  12. Sounds like the most perfect Easter. K x

  13. Thank goodness you made it on time.
    As to special talents - one for consuming choclate is one to be envied!


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