Sunday, 21 April 2013

Love letter to Nerja

There is that blissful moment
when you stand on the roof terrace,
the sea and the sky are blue
and the horizon is hazy,

you look towards the palm trees
on the Balcón de Europa
and breathe out slowly.

In a while you might stroll down
to the warm sand of Burriana beach
and perhaps stop for a bowl of paella

but it is so tempting to sit still,
drink a glass of wine
listen to the swallows,

and you know that
you have all week,
there is no rush.

We ate and drank and explored
and sunbathed and swam and slept
and discovered that MasterM
can hold four shot glasses in one hand.

MrM watched rugby in the Irish bar,
MasterM spent a night in the police station*,
MissM started her 2013 suntan
and MrsM continued her love affair with Nerja.

It was a wonderful holiday,
one of the the best,
full of happy memories.

Nerja, we are missing you already.


* don't panic Granny,
he was translating for Canadian tourists
who had their bag stolen on the beach.
His Spanish teacher will be very proud.


  1. Your offspring must make you very proud.

    You sound relaxed too, I am glad of it.

  2. Oh, Alice...
    I cannot even begin to imagine.
    Such loveliness with such loved ones.

  3. My daughter spent a semester in Seville and told me about Nerja.....your photos made it so real to me! I need to visit it myself....someday. thanks!

    Barbara M. In NH

  4. It looks heavenly! So pleased you had a lovely time together.

  5. It's how you tell them Alice! I have a t shirt from Nerja but have never been. Son is in Jerez a the moment. Where did I go wrong?

  6. Liz in Missouri (USA)April 22, 2013

    What a lovely vacation with your family! So happy for you - and smiling (and sighing wistfully) at your photos.

  7. gorgeous time.

    I need some of that.

  8. Nice!
    Lovely family you have, really sweet. I know there are crazy things in every family but you look great in the pictures (pity you were shooting it).


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