Monday, 1 April 2013

A visit from the Easter Bunny

After lunch the uncles go outside for 'port and cigars'
which causes much distress to Miss Rosa
who is worried about her daddy smoking.
He solemnly promises not to smoke.

Grandma gets out her collection of egg baskets
and shares them around the little girl cousins.

There are photographs and more photographs
but Miss Rosa cannot wait any longer.
She fizzes with excitement.

In the orchard the Easter Bunny has been busy...
there are eggs hidden under leaves,
in clumps of daffodils,
on winter bare branches,
and inside the washing.

Bracken the dog must wait outside.
He is patient.
His ability to find the last egg
has been proven year after year.

After the eggs have all been discovered
the task of sharing out the bounty begins.
Grandma could teach a pirate king a trick or two.

MissM has done us proud.


Thank you for all your lovely Easter messsages.
We have been away in the land of no wifi
so Happy Easter to all my friends in Blogland -
I'm looking forward to catching up with your news.


  1. That sounds like the perfect egg hunt. Hope you've all had a happy Easter Alice.

  2. Miss Rosa, Bracken and MissM are aDORable!!


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