Friday, 29 March 2013

Spring is sprung!

The sky is as blue as a thrush egg,
the sheets are on the washing line
and I'm going to look for primroses.
Winter - I'm so over you.

Wishing you all sunshine
this Easter weekend.


  1. I know where to find Primroses and Cowslips too and since it is a sunny day I shall be paying a visit to see if they are above ground yet.

    Happy Easter dear Alice, enjoy the peace.

  2. It's shining here as well after months and months ... let's hope it'll stay.

  3. Mmm. Grey skies here and snow stuck fast in the garden for a whole week. Weren't they saying something about a heatwave ?

  4. Happy Easter to you and your family!
    Spring has finally arrived here, too.
    It's a sunshiney, daffodil day!

  5. Hope you found your primroses Alice and that the sun continues to shine over you, We've had a glimmer or two of it here today too at long last!

  6. Happy Easter weekend. We are going to try for the first time to make our own hot cross buns, but I have some store bought in the cupboard just in case...

  7. Too early for flowers here, but it is a gloriously sunny, brisk and breezy day. Enjoy your weekend, Family M!

    verification is bAaint...sounds like Hardy's Wessex dialect :)

  8. We had a little sun in Tuscany too today... But it's raining already.... Again.

    Happy Easter Alice.


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