Wednesday, 27 March 2013

the fish in the sea

After we had left the British Museum we walked to MrM's favourite tapas bar. It was a delight to step out of the cold into the friendly and noisy restaurant. We ate hot broad bean and garlic puree with a rough rosemary bread. Next, a selection of tapas: squid in a tempura batter, grilled pimentos, spicy potatoes, pan fried duck with toasted almonds and roast beetroot with red onion. It was all delicious.

The young waitress looked worried when MrM ordered the homemade cheescake and explained it was an experimental flavour: rice pudding cheesecake. It was an acquired taste, she said, and she recommended the almond tart. I had flan.

Such a wonderful evening.


  1. Now I´m left wondering: did MrM have the cheesecake or did he not?

  2. So was that a foodie evening or a cultural expedition. We know where the BM is but where is the Tapas bar for future reference?

  3. so what is the difference between a flan and a tart?

  4. I have twice been to a tapas bar here in England and twice have I been disappointed. The only things on sale were fried, nothing as delicious as hot broad bean and garlic purée.

  5. Rice pudding cheesecake. That's either awful or genius.

  6. I was vicariously enjoying the description of your meal until you mentioned rice pudding cheesecake. Then a cold shiver ran down my back. Wurgh.


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