Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Bento #4

Ta dah!
The Bento Box has landed!**

This was a surprise birthday present
from the Lovely but Ill Jenny.
A real Bento Box with features!
Layers, lids, compartments.

This allows me to have mini croustades
filled with lemon and coriander houmous.
I didn't make the croustade cases
but I did fill them with houmous
I know my skill set.

Rice salad.
with smoked mackerel.
And nuts.

Peach Melba salad.
Unnecessarily pretty.
Not much more I can say about that.

I'm eating this one with Jenny.
We are popping over to Shanghai
to visit the Jade Buddha temple.

Jenny will eat the famous
double mushroom noodles (双菇面)
while I admire the features of
my extremely groovy Bento Box
We'll be straight back for the
Department Board at 2pm. Honest.


** apologies to those of a sensitive disposition


  1. Yum. Next time we all meet, can I volunteer you to pack Bento for everyone?

  2. I am so envious!
    I can barely put a yogurt and granola in a zip bag!

  3. I second Dottycookie's suggestion.

  4. Excellent, will grab my passport. Yum!

  5. I third dottycookie's suggestion! K x

  6. Oh I am filled with bento box envy. I must get myself one of those.

  7. Damn, leftovers straight from the fridge are suddenly so much less appealing.

  8. Liz in Missouri (USA)March 13, 2013

    YUM is right!

  9. These Bentos are so frigging inviting!

  10. I have somme serious lunch envy going on here. I suddenly feel very dissatisfied with my boiled egg.

  11. Does MrM get deconstructed coffee and walnut cake in his?

  12. Love the colour and the contents, it looks so much more inviting than my Marmite on toast.

  13. It's not the bento box I want so much, although I do want it. It's someone to pack it for me, just like that. Oh, Alice!


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