Wednesday, 6 March 2013

office makeover

Look away NOW, bb

because my coathanger has been pimped.

Thank you Monica!

It has already been admired
by the academic who specialises
in the Geographies of Home.


  1. That is a course I would like to sign up for.

  2. The things one can do with crafts ...

  3. Now hang on, MrsM, that's twice in a fortnight you've talked abut pimping things at your office. Just what kind of office is this?!

  4. I predict a flurry of coat hanger pimping throughout the department.

  5. So stylish! Wonder what G would say to a closet of said coat hangers? K x

  6. Please tell me you meant primping... otherwise I shall worry about you in your pimped up office. (Lovely coat hanger by the way)


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