Thursday, 28 March 2013

things various

it is the start of the Easter weekend
we have all worked ourselves to a standstill
and need to step away from our desks

the baby Geographer came for her first visit
in the hard terrain buggy
tucked up under her new blanket

unexpected email of the day
came from Spafax publishing
asking for permission to use
my photo of Fitzbillies Chelsea Buns in the
Royal Jordanian Airlines inflight magazine

in other baking related news...
hot cross buns!
made by MissM!
so proud!

before I forget to mention it...
I'm having coffee
with the Editor of Oh Comely

catch up with you later


  1. Hooray for hot Cross buns! Blessed Holy Weekend to you.

  2. ...and before you forget to mention it? Alice, how exciting!

  3. Liz in Missouri (USA)March 28, 2013

    Cheers and Kudos for the photograph request! It is well deserved because your photos are always so beautiful. Hope you and yours have a Happy and Blessed Easter weekend.

  4. that is all SO very exciting!! And i'm very eager to read a follow up.

    And, please...when you sell your photos and/or writing, expect and accept professional rates.

    a) that's what you deserve
    b) professionals who depend on sales/commissions to make a living are losing work because non-professionals will accept anything/feel they don't deserve the pro fees.

    As a "pro" i know that all pros have accepted pay cuts to help keep publications alive and have lost work to those who don't understand the business. too many folks who blog/flickr/instagram have no idea what they are doing to the business when they accept "peanuts" for their work--and shouldn't--if a photo or writing is of that quality, it deserves to be paid at least minimum pro rates, whether a person is a professional or not.

    sorry...i am now stepping down from my soap box.

    wishing you and yours a peaceful, springy Easter

  5. Well done to MissM for the buns and to you for the picture of the Chelsea Buns(I remember that picture).

    Still not sure what Oh Comely is about so I shall carry on looking at past issues. Have a good meeting.

  6. Oh Alice, what exciting thing have you got up your sleeve?

  7. Oh Alice! the glamour and excitement of your life! Such an endless joy to read about xx. Invitations to viewings and now a professional photographer! How lovely your brilliance is recognised.

  8. Congrats on your accomplishments, Mrs and MissM!
    That blanket is gorgeous.

  9. Blankets and buns!
    I don't think I could be more thrilled for you!


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