Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Arthur Pinajian 1914 - 1999

Arthur Pinajian dedicated himself to painting.
He lived with his sister in Bellport, New York
and gave up his early career as a commercial artist
to focus entirely on exploring painting.
He did not sell his work or exhibit in galleries
and it is fortunate that when his sister died
his work was not disposed of and lost forever.
Luckily, the piles of paintings and journals
which were stacked in the small barn studio
were recognised as the unique collection
of an artist exploring the limits of his capabilities.

I try to imagine the fierce willpower
that permitted such exclusive focus.
Could I dedicate myself in this way
for half a lifetime without recognition?
I think not. It is a frightening prospect.
And yet I have a brief glimpse because
my determination to write is very strong
and over-rides almost everything else.

I would have selected other images
but the trustees of the Pinajian estate
prohibit use of their 'graphics'
and as they have the complete collection
access will be very restricted.
It is a shame because his work
deserves a wider audience
and the policy seems at odds
with the history of the collection.


  1. I know that my mind is too much like a butterfly for me to be so focused. Besides, I should feel that I was missing out on good things going on without me.

  2. Liz in Missouri (USA)March 12, 2013

    Interesting painting. It makes me think of faces in a crowd - just glimpses - and the busy-ness of people trying to get somewhere. I wonder what Pinajian had in mind with this one. The reason I like (some) modern art is because I think you can see anything - or feel anything in it. Perspective just depends on where you are coming from.

  3. how interesting.

    And no, I"m not that focused either.


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