Thursday, 14 March 2013

à la mode

this morning

we are going to take a moment
to comprehend these tulips...

white is the colour of the day



  1. so long between the white smoke and the announcement because they were consulting everything they could think of to see if Francis was allowed - or did they have to wait while someone found the right sized robes? He's quite a large chap.
    Husband, who wasn't really watching the television coverage, of course, was getting quite cross every time he commentators mis-translated 'Habemus papem' as 'a pope has been chosen'. One does, however, feel a glimmer of hope that this is a change for the better for the Catholic church, though perhaps not being a Catholic I'm not qualified to comment. Anyway, it's a beautiful day today, perfect for new start.

  2. I was listening to fivelive before the white smoke appeared and they were interviewing the man who makes the robes and yes, he makes them in three sizes; big pope, medium pope and tiny pope.

    Being a heathen, and a non-conformist protestant heathen at that, I surprised myself at being fascinated by the whole event.

  3. It all went 'whoosh' over my head, did you hear it?


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