Saturday, 2 March 2013

my crazy family

It is Friday morning.

MrM sends me a photo of his breakfast:
scrambled eggs and coffee
in a small artisan cafe
on the banks of the River Thames.

MissM sends me a photo of her breakfast:
porridge with lashings of golden syrup
and lightweight reading material

MasterM send me a photo of his breakfast:
Eggs Benedict and fresh orange juice
in a cafe somewhere in Stellenbosch
with his unsuspecting digs mate.

my crazy family - I love them all.


  1. Once again, Master M show us how to live.

  2. If you come early enough you can even have breakfast with us at Easter ! Mum and Dad

  3. yay for breakfasts! :) and for technology that lets you be so connected to your very loved ones...

  4. So what you're saying is, you're ALL morning people?

  5. I always plan to eat breakfast but it so rarely happens. Sigh.

  6. Wait! Look at MasterM's plate!


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