Tuesday, 19 March 2013

the world comes to me

Very Senior Professor

The Young Academic and the Very Senior Professor
have been in the Falkland Islands
acting as official academic observers
for the referendum which took place last week.
My tiny role in this diplomatic mission
was to assist in the purchase
of high specification technical clothing
and in return they agreed to send me
pictures of aforementioned clothing in situ.

So here are two pictures of penguins
for the next edition of the Goretex catalogue.

Young Academic

Read about their role in the referendum here:
Geopolitics & Security


  1. Alice, sometimes when I read your blog I find myself having one of those "if I knew then what I know now..." moments. Reading this today is one such occasion - if only I had known how much more interesting geography really is once you get past A Levels ...

  2. Liz in Missouri (USA)March 19, 2013

    Excellent choices for the fashionably weather protected brilliant minds. I can see that no penquins were harmed from the presence of poorly outfitted professors. LOLOL (In truth, I think the work and studies that are done are wonderful. Good on all involved.)

  3. Look at that. Penguins. The things you show us first hand and real time.

  4. Alice, I read your blog daily and am awestruck by the glamour it reveals.... truly you're are at the core of some historic activities. Wow!
    ps I presume they are bringing back multiple pics of penguins and some windswept landscapes xx

  5. You do all that amazing academical stuff and you cook too, an amazing woman Mrs.M!


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