Friday, 15 March 2013

plain and simple

It's been a week.
I'm glad it's Friday.

I find myself
needing to look at
wooden bread boards.
Some time ago
I thought it would
be interesting
to collect them.

Perhaps I'll start
this weekend.
Have a good one.

p.s. I hope to catch up with my emails this weekend.
So many wonderful comments this week - thank you.
If you have been waiting for a reply, apologies.


  1. Well, that's nice. I especially like the carving pattern on the top on.
    Have a good weekend too, Alice.

  2. They would make an excellent collection - go for it! I love it when they are dipped in the middle from all those slices of bread being cut.
    Of course, then you'd naturally have to get into bread-making ...
    (I have a sour dough starter for sharing, if you'd like?!)

  3. Liz in Missouri (USA)March 15, 2013

    I have a breadboard that was my great grandmothers. Not nearly as pretty as these two, though. To be honest - I don't think I've ever payed attention to breadboards. What an interesting idea!

  4. ah the collecting things.... how can I marry my desire and love for the clean Scandinavian look and my desire to collect everything I like?

    Impossible I know.

  5. I hope that you have room for a collection of bread boards...

  6. on the subject of bread could I just say that MrsM is the staff of life ...

  7. Usually I pop by daily but lately I've missed a whole week. Catching up on so many posts was a bit like Christmas.

    I have breadboards made by my father in law ... there is something very special about well used old wood :)

  8. Lydia van B.March 15, 2013

    As an engagement present I got from my than future husband a breadboard. Such a prosaic present!47 years married (with the said future husband)the breadboard is still in use everyday.I wonder how many slices of bread were sliced on that board.3 boys in the house ate a lot of sandwiches.Loved the one with the carving!

  9. My mother was given our bread board as a wedding present and so I give bread boards as wedding presents too.

  10. The first one really caught my eye...all the stories it could tell of loaves and slices and the bakers and the eaters.

    A few years ago I found a man who makes all sorts of things from lumber he salvages from old barns. I've since commissioned three cutting boards from him; two for gifts and one for myself. Mine was designed to fit snugly over the top of an old glass-fronted cabinet I use for storing bowls. The moment I dropped it into place, it looked like it had been in my kitchen for twenty years. Happiness :)

    I hope you have a lovely weekend, Alice - and a nicer week to follow!

  11. I've been totally MIA. But I am here Always loving your sweet blog.


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