Monday, 18 March 2013


MrsM woke up on Saturday morning
and heard the rain on the windows
and she did not want to get out of bed

but the picture framer had called
and so she persuaded MrM
to chauffeur her to the shops
so she could collect her new picture

on the way back
MrM and MrsM stopped
at a local farm shop
and bought purple sprottling,

silver laced primulas
why would you not?

and huge field mushrooms
for the Chicken Forestiere dish
that MrsM was planning for supper

then they had broccoli  soup in a cafe
and MrM gave MrsM a tiny sliver
of his coffee and walnut cake
and so Saturday slipped by.


  1. I am the penguin on the right ...

  2. oh how lovely...
    that print is wonderful.

    and you and google have taught me another Englishism: sprottling.
    which reminds me:
    i've only just learned that "broad beans" = fava beans.
    Goodness...all these years, all those BBC tv imports.
    Guess i'm not a very good anglophile after all.

  3. Mmm (everything) but I especially like the light on the last picture: it's like a 17th century still life.

  4. Sprottling sounds like the kind of word I would make up. I shall adopt it immediately.

  5. Oooh a new Mark Hearld print! K x

  6. That chicken looks very tempting.

  7. I'd say all of that was definitely worth getting out of bed for. MrM must love you very much to share a bit, even only a sliver, of his coffee and walnut cake.

  8. Sprottling. How lovely!
    MrM is always the gentleman. It takes a lot for him to share his cake, I am sure.

  9. Oh, I love all of this, but I think especially the print. Beautiful!


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