Thursday, 21 March 2013

Bento #5

Readers Guide has made a Bento!
I am so excited about this!
I can pretend we are having lunch together!

This is a deconstructed Niçoise salad
made with quails eggs and smoked mackerel,
leftover potatoes and green beans.

Here is some Bento knowledge:

Quails eggs only take 2 minutes to boil
but half a lifetime to peel.

If you are eating in your office
with the Bento on your knee
do not get up too quickly
when the phone rings
or you will spend your lunchtime
cleaning pasta salad off the carpet.

Do not make your Bento too pretty
otherwise you will stare at it,
amazed at your own cleverness,
and be quite unable to eat it.

And now, if you will excuse me,
I have a hot date with Readers Guide.
I want her to tell me all about
N's trip to South America.


  1. I was wondering about those quail eggs...

  2. I used to boil quail's eggs for my children's tea in the days when they were very tiny and enchanted by small food. I never admitted it to my friends for fear of ridicule.

  3. I am delighted that my blog is a safe place where friends can feel confident to admit their deepest secrets.

  4. I've just bought ready peeled quail's eggs from waitrose for M-in-law's tea - husband thinks life's too short to peel them. I'm tempted to arrange my lunch in a bent box, it looks so much more appetising.

  5. Yes, I'd be stuck on 3. for ever ... it's too darn pretty!

  6. Hold on! I'll be right there. Your lunches look a whole lot tastier than mine do -- something to aspire to.

  7. Much prettier than Marmite on toast.


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