Wednesday, 3 April 2013

jugs of sunshine

Cotehele was looking beautiful at the weekend.

The gardens behind the house,
the orchards and the woods
were filled with daffodils.

The blooms were perfect,
held by the damp cold weather
for this first day of sunshine.

Inside the house, in every room,
there was a jug of flowers
bringing light to the dim interior.

The National Trust has relaxed
the rules on photography
inside their properties
and I am very grateful.

My camera has captured
happy memories of sunshine
on an Easter Saturday morning.


  1. That penultimate photo is just stunning Alice.........

  2. Oh...i just love this post.
    i, too, am so grateful they have relaxed those rules.
    and that you continue to write and share your photos here.

  3. One of my favourite NT properties. Good news about the photography rules. Ali and I are planning some NTing around our neck of the woods.

  4. We captured similar sunny Easter Saturday pictures at Batemans. Which was also full of flowers.

  5. Oh, spring flowers; few and far between here unfortunately. It looks like a beautiful place to visit.

  6. Seems like spring is playing with us this year ... few signs, lots of rain and very few flowers.

  7. "Oh...i just love this post.
    i, too, am so grateful they have relaxed those rules."

    Definitely, I could not agree more..


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