Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Bento #7

Post-holiday, I am inspired
to dizzying new heights
of Bento achievement.

Couscous and roasted vegetables
with lamb from my Sunday roast.
Turns out you can use leftovers.
Who knew?

What's that I hear you cry?
"Give me a CLOSE UP
of the ORANGE tomato"

since you asked so nicely...

Goat's cheese with nutty toasts.
Same old, same old?
I think not.
This coriander leaf was home grown.

My famous mango and black grape salad.
It is a secret family recipe
I could give you the method
but I would have to kill you afterwards.

I am eating this one with Jee.
She has done my job
and knows how much pain
the Exam term involves.
She will fan me with marksheets
and I will look at photos
of her adorable granddaughter
and I am sure I will stop hyper-ventilating.


  1. I love that you gave your "same old same old" goat cheese sandwich a cupcake paper liner.
    There's a very appealing touch of perfection in everything you do.

  2. Sweet Lord how I love your Bentos!

  3. Just yesterday I was thinking about your Bento boxes, hoping for sight of a new one. It does look lovely but where are the roasted vegetables?

  4. i have to make sure never ever to show your lunches to my husband.


  5. Thank you for inviting me to lunch - I'm sure I couldn't create such a lovely bento but I'd be happy to add tea and sympathy!


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