Monday, 8 April 2013

new beginnings

Hellebore are undemanding.
When you are ready to step out of the door
they are there waiting quietly for you.

I fell out of love with gardening.
When? Why? I can't explain.

Now is the time to change that.
Little by little I must reclaim the space
and learn to love it again.

Sometimes we need to give ourselves
permission for a fresh start.
To step out of the garden door
as if for the first time.

Today, when I stepped out of the door
the hellebore were flowering,
dusty pink blooms catching the sunlight.


these are not my hellebore
but mine looked just as good.


  1. I was nearly inspired to clean up our front garden today.

    I do know what you mean.

  2. They are so lovely, aren't they?
    We have a big nursery, but no yard.
    Think cobbler's children without shoes. That is me. But, sometimes we have some of these lovelies in one of the greenhouses. They always seem so shy and unassuming to me with heads bowed low in modesty. Lenten Roses, so special and magical. Harbingers of spring and loveliness to come.

  3. oh they're lovely. My success rate with hellebores is very low... but right now I have 3 tiny deep purple flowers so I am rejoicing.

  4. Never heard of this flower, really nice. It IS time to step out, I also did.

  5. I am in love with gardens but I am still waiting to fall in love with gardening.

  6. I am in loathing with my own garden but love other people's.

  7. I used to love gardening but now I am not so keen. The earth is so far down, that is the real problem.

    My Hellebores are acid green - I cannot love that colour.

  8. I love gardening, just not in my garden with its compacted clay layer which resists my best efforts to grow things.

  9. I was just thinking what if they had been your hellebores and that your garden looked as lovely as that when you were out of love with it - what hope for us mere mortals when you fell in love again. Hanging Gardens of Babylon anyone. i had planned to cultivate my plot this weekend but instead am cultivating a flu virus - but the Jack Daniels with honey is soothing my throat beautifully. :-)

  10. My hellebores are looking lovely too, which is just as well because the rest of the garden is a complete disaster.

    I have to face the fact that I am just not a natural gardener.

  11. I have some very successful hellebores. But I am still peeved because they are all white.

  12. One exciting way to grow hellebores is by sowing seed. Though it is nice to purchase a beautiful plant and put it in the ground, growing from seed can also be
    an enjoyable experience.


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