Tuesday, 9 April 2013

MasterM, trail runner

Check out this crazy trail run.
We ran for three and a half hours!

I don't know where he inherited
his running ability from.

As the only other runner in the family
MrsM tries to look modest.


  1. Oh, my goodness. What a run.
    When I was young so many years ago, I loved to run. To run into the wind, against the wind and to beat my older brother. I would love to recapture those days again, but..sigh...I think that they are long gone.
    Good for you Alice!

  2. I think I´m starting to recognize the knees too!


  3. Oh I must show this to Fabio who is a trail runner, he's now preparing for the Val d'Orcia Trail, 50KM end of April and then he'll go up the Dolomites end of June for an Ultratrail, 120KM all through them. In between a whole series of "short" trails, 21KM, 30KM, 50KM ...
    But the landscape MasterM is in is just fascinating ...

  4. The apple never falls far from the tree... Right?

  5. I should say!

    (Very impressive, MasterM.)

  6. Three and a half hours?! Good grief!


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