Friday, 26 April 2013

stop all the clocks

This weekend I'm having a lie-in.
It's exhausting being back at work.
All those people to talk to...

Yes, I know,
it is hard for you
to be sympathetic
when I have spent all week
showing you pictures
of my holiday.

exquisite quilting at Cotehele


  1. It's surprisingly easy!
    Just keep feeding me your beautiful pictures and words and I'll be sympathetic!
    Sleep well!

  2. forgiven - the last picture totally absolves any guilt!

  3. So English of you.
    Me? Fainting from exhaustion!
    The CEO was supposed to be out and he came IN.

  4. You have reminded me that I have to change my bedding, it takes me hours!

    Enjoy your lie-in.

  5. I wish I could do that.

    I'm a taxi. And I'm wondering what I did wrong in my previous life to have come back as a taxi.

    Must have been bad.

  6. For some reason I was looking back over my very first blog posts, and found a comment you left on a photo of my cocker spaniel Molly, when your lovely Poppy was still about, at least four years ago, and a link you left for a post about Poppy on the Magpie Files. I don't quite know how I missed it, I didn't originally have e-mail notification of comments, and perhaps didn't then... I am sorry!

    Molly is still with us at 13, somewhat against the odds (she had a tumour removed about 18 months ago which has since returned, but has happily defied the vet's prognosis), quite deaf and not seeing well, but still very much herself.

    Glad to see you're still blogging too! I remember Cotehele from west country days.


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