Tuesday, 23 April 2013

the road to Torrox

There is a small, rough road
that links Frigiliana near Nerja
with the next small town, Torrox.

It winds over the hills
following the contours
so that you can look down
into the deep valleys.

If you drive that way in spring
you will be totally surrounded
by meadows of wild flowers.

It is like falling
into a living tapestry.

I was completely unprepared
for the beauty of it,
the abundance.

and it was so still and clear
that I didn't want to leave.

In the distance
I could hear the bells
of a herd of goats
which added to the
surreal atmosphere.

The clatter of bells grew louder
and the herd of goats
came up to road behind us
and then turned off
onto a drovers track
between the olive trees.

I don't think I could live
surrounded by such beauty.
It would make me too intolerant
of the complexities, challenges
and ugliness of everyday life

but I think of that goat herder
and I am glad that he walks
through the flower meadows
beside the road to Torrox.


  1. Hi - I hope you won't find this too churlish as it might in contrast to the loveliness of your blog, but I am nominating you for the Liebster Award. I hope you will participate (even though I have yet to prepare that risotto recipe that you so very kindly sent - sounds so good at this very moment!)
    For the Liebster details, they are on my blog http://goodlifegoodday.blogspot.com.
    Hope this doesn't catch you at too busy of a time with semester ending, etc.

  2. Utterly beautiful words and photos

  3. I wouldn't mind getting away from the complexities, challenges and ugliness of everyday life for a few days in that meadow!

  4. Thank you for transporting me to this beautiful wonderful place, this morning! May your memory of being there continue to bring you joy...

  5. Lovely,and I'm utterly in love with your explanation in so few words why it would be impossible to live there. Still, having witnessed such beauty helps dealing with the complexities etc. It even helps me to see it here.
    Thank you, Alice!

  6. This is so beautiful. my grandparents have a little house in the hills in torrox but I always visit in the height of summer when all is arid and dry. I shall have to go in spring to experience this paradise.

  7. I wonder if the goat herder notices it anymore, or if he becomes immune to the power of the place? I hope not.

  8. What lovely landscapes, colours and words.

  9. Oh Alice. How beautiful. How I would love to see it


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