Thursday, 4 April 2013

Bento #6

The Four Course meal
'Madness in a Bento Box'

Today I opened the bento box
and thought to myself
"Are you crazy?
This is a four course meal...
Take a picture immediately
or no-one will believe you"

Broad bean and mint houmous croustades.
Warning! These are possibly addictive
and could affect your waistline.

Falafel with rice salad.
Warning! These falafel were disgusting...
don't try to recreate this at home.

Photogenic tomatoes.
Not much more to say about that.

Goats cheese on apricot flat bread.
With coriander garnish.
Because It Is Pretty.
Don't judge me.

Melon and blueberry fruit salad.
With pomegranate.
Because It Is Pretty.
See above.

I'm eating this with the Lady Professor.
She's my new best friend
because she sent me this link
Who's laughing now?


  1. Oh, my! I would never judge you for heaven's sake. Did you make/cook all of this? It looks scrumptious to me. Now I am going to Google Apricot Flat Bread.
    Seriously, that Chihuahua is a rescue dog? Was that April, as of the First of April? Apologies to those who own and love them.

  2. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: "Broad beans should be blasted off this earth"....

    The rest looks wonderful though.

  3. A very pretty Bento box but we need to know where does one buy broad bean and mint hummus and apricot flatbread and, so that we may avoid them, the awful falafel?

  4. i want it...'specially the apricot bread and goat cheese and not
    the disgusting falafel, a'course.

  5. Liz in Missouri (USA)April 04, 2013

    Pretty, pretty bento box. YUUUUMMMM. (I knew the doggie story had to be based in fact! LOL)

  6. I love your bento posts, they make me smile! Look delicious, too.

  7. I am more an dmore fascinated both by the bento box AND by the Amazing food you pack in there. It's an upscale miniature restaurant you have going on in there!

  8. Wait, wait! So is it real, then? Did you see the face of the german shepherd? He does not seem impressed --


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