Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Coffee Time

Right...down tools everyone.
No talking about work...OK?

"The home-made mince pies
are supplied by the lovely wife
of the Professor of Interesting films."

"Did anyone hear
Isaac the Postman's Elvis impression?
It was legendary...
Or perhaps 'unforgettable'..."

"Talking of Elvis...
There were fried peanut butter sandwiches
at the Research Group party last night."

"Never mind the sandwiches...
there was a Somerset cider cake...
Austrian Stollen, Italian Pandoro
and Spanish nougat...
it is a very international student group."

"I saw some student feedback this morning
and there was one fabulous comment
'his voice is so soothing
that he should record relaxation tapes
with Peruvuan pan pipe music...'

"and another form which just said
'Marry me...'"

"I have seen 17 students in Santa hats today
and it is only 11 o'clock..."

"They are selling gingerbread 'people' on campus..
No stereotyping around here, thank goodness."

"The Department Office is covered in fairy lights
and the Daniel Craig grotto is tinselled up."

"I think that the new Head of Dept
should ban the twinkling Santa feature...
it would be a kindness to everyone."

"Is it true that the academic
who is 42 and a quarter
is doing a charity run this weekend
dressed as Santa?
Photos on Monday will be compulsory."

"I see that You-Know-Who
is wearing his red fleece top...
it MUST be nearly Christmas."

Right..drink up...
back to work now...no slacking


for Ali M in Plymouth


  1. Sorry, I thought for a minute there you said you had Daniel Craig tinselled up in your office. I can;t imagine how you would get any work done.

  2. Thank you for the noisy insight, coffee time is rather solitary around here x

  3. I would LOVE to hear the voice that drew such comments as "Marry Me"........ Shallow? Moi?

  4. What Lemanie said. Working remotely has its advantages, but good coffee chatter is not one of them!

  5. Sorry? Did you just say Voldermort is wearing a red fleece Christmas jumper?

  6. Christmas in the office - I remember it well: scant regard for Health and Safety for once, as exciteable young secretaries clambered on chairs atop of desks to get the hoped-for prizewinning decorations up.....

  7. I do miss working in an office though I don't recall having as much fun as you do.

  8. Turron. The Spanish nougat.


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