Monday, 12 December 2011


currants, raisins, sultanas
and mixed citrus peel
soaked in brandy

organic undyed dark cherries
(I long for unfashionable red cherries)

the best Spanish almonds

plain flour, cinnamon and mixed spice

butter, eggs, treacle
and muscovado sugar

and a perfectly lined cake tin.

Another thing ticked off The List...
Go me!!


  1. Well done! I hope there isn't too much left on that list of yours...?

  2. The only place I could track down red cherries (natural ones do NOT work for Rudolph noses) was our local dusty newspaper shop. I never understood the green cherries but bright red ones are undeniably festive - and really, glace cherries are so far removed from a natural product that I'm not sure the colouring made them much less healthy ;-)

  3. What else is on your list to tick?


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