Thursday, 8 December 2011

two turtle doves

My Christmas cards have arrived
and they tone perfectly
with my cushions!

*contented sigh*

What are you talking about?
Doesn't everyone do that?

I have just remembered
that MissM did the envelopes last year.
Which is awkward.

Maybe I will collect her early.
I am sure that she won't mind
missing her soirée...


  1. But how will you bear to send them? What if the ones you receive don't co-ordinate? Could you send at least one of yours to yourself? This is an unexpected worry to add to my festive worry list!

  2. Oh, excellent idea, MrsM! MissM will jump right on it, dear daughter that she is.

  3. This is always my angst with Christmas cards. They don't match and are therefore a dreadful display headache.

  4. Beautiful cards! Are they designed to be delivered on the 26th?

  5. mmm... writing envelopes v. soiree? No contest.

  6. Beautiful Cards! Do you and Mr.M get a chance to sit like two contented Turtle Doves on your lovely cushions? I hope you are spending the holiday as four calling birds! About MissM...get your pen out Alice and get going! XO

  7. They're lovely!

    I get round the problem of the more hideous cards by putting them all in a bowl or a basket, and only displaying the lovelier ones. Or the handmade ones, even if they should be in the hideous heap.

    Shallow, me; sometimes I shock myself.

  8. All my cards go in a pile on the windowsill. I send two each year. I think perhaps I should join in with the celebrations but, then again, it's just me here.

    Your cards are beautiful and I am certain that you will manage to write.

  9. I have an awful confession to make, my paternal Grandfather used to grade his Christmas cards!!! He had a small notebook where he kept meticulous details of cards sent and received, for years. One year mine only rated a B+. I was wounded. I would like to think if he received one of your beauties it would merit an A* at least.

  10. Yes! I was thinking the two turtle doves must be you and MrM, too! And I'm sure MissM will not mind missing her soiree.


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