Friday, 23 December 2011

Snowman Crescent

I love getting Christmas cards
(which is ironic when you think of
the fuss I make about writing them)

I love the designs,
the charities that they support
and the messages inside.

When I left work today
I collected all of my cards
from students and colleagues

and took them away to enjoy
over the Christmas break.

I now have ten days at home
to spend time with my family

but it is good to be reminded
of the wonderful people
that I work with.


  1. I like getting cards too.

    I really like the map one- very clever!

  2. i love them, too. And making and sending them. This collection of yours is priceless.

  3. Quirky......... I like quirky......... and you have some brilliantly quirky cards there. Enjoy!

  4. You've got some exceptionally nice cards there. I love the top one and the map.

  5. Oh yes, that map one is wonderful.

  6. Have a wonderful Christmas Alice - with your family around you.

  7. A truly original set of Christmas cards. My Grandfather would no doubt have awarded an A*!!

  8. I love the Manypeeplia Upsidedownia, very witty!

    Have a good break and enjoy yourselves a lot.

  9. happy christmas to you and your family Alice!

  10. What cute cards!
    Have a Merry Christmas dear Alice


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