Saturday, 3 December 2011

Patent Medicine

"I'm very eager to hear your comments on my essay, unfortunately my rabbit has fallen rather sick and ... I need to feed him by syringe every 30 minutes and ...[and so] its rather hard for me to leave the house today."


I was not well yesterday.
(Winterval 'flu - nothing serious)
This email from a student was sent to me
by the Young Academic
to cheer me up.
It worked.


  1. Hope you're feeling perkier.

  2. Ugh, there's a lot of it about - get well soon!

  3. awww, very sweet. hope you feel better soon!

  4. I'm sorry you were sick--and so glad to have read this post. The combo of the picture and the almost-hard-to-believe email... Perfect! But I do hope you are feeling better :)

  5. Do feel better soon. Chamomile with a bit of a kick in it would be good.
    I love the email..that is almost enough to cheer the world.
    Take care, onward and upward with some cozy sleep, a loved one taking care of you. All will be well.

  6. Glad the Young Academic had some good medicine for you. And that excuse from the student is 'way better than "the dog ate my homework."

  7. I hope that you feel much better soon. I think you should frame the e-mail to remind us of the importance of priorities in this serious world.

    I hope also that bunny gets the spring back in his step forthwith.

  8. I hope you are feeling better soon and don't need to have anything administered by syringe.

  9. Loved this.
    Feel better soon.

  10. Oh, ick. So sorry.
    Young Academic cheered us, too!
    Hope that bug has skeedaled far, far away from you by now...

  11. I hope you feel better soon and have someone tending to your needs every thirty minutes (although not feeding you by syring of course!)

  12. Yup,
    'tis the season of the dreaded lurgy. Hope all is well again soon.

  13. I hope you are now back to full, rude health? Good e-mail, I'm glad that it was forwarded to you so that we could share in it too.

  14. Poor you, I would be hiding under the coverlets too if a syringe was in the offering! Get well soon :-)


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