Tuesday, 13 December 2011


This should be a tranquil post.
I should be relaxing.
But all I can think about is the fact
that tins of Quality Street
are completely sold out
and this is a Total Disaster.
My family will stop loving me
because Christmas is not Christmas
without a tin of Quality Street
If only I had bought one in August.
I am hoping they can be brave about it...
I don't suppose they will sob much.

Alternatively I can run away from home.

Will pack my suitcase
as soon as I have finished
my Winterberry cocktail.


Winterberry cocktail
one measure Creme de Cassis
one measure vodka
shake with ice
top up with tonic
embellish with 3 frozen raspberries


  1. I just had a little catch up read, as I haven't visited for a while, only to realise all over again that I love you so much! Every post is a poem. Thank you and happy Christmas.

  2. Give them Winterberry cocktails and they won't miss the Quality Street.

  3. I don't think we've ever had a tin of Quality Street at Christmas. It's alright you know, we cope! Like the sound of your cocktail much better.

  4. I think you should use your beautiful blog to send a global plea... Quality Street chocolates are sure to pour in from around the world! I'm off to Africa on Friday and the postal service is ghastly... someone out there (closer to home perhaps) will play Santa and your family will love you again :-) Good luck! And thanks for reminding me to get off my tush and organise the lollies that my family have asked for!!

  5. I could make a very happy Christmas with a Winterberry cocktail or two and wouldn't mind the lack of Quality Street at all. I think this sort of diversion technique is probably your best bet.

  6. There is plenty of Quality Street in Lancashire, but is it worth battling through the wind and rain to get at it when you can snuggle up to a nice cocktail ot two, I think not.

  7. That is grave news indeed.

    Thankyou for the recipe. I saw the image on twitter, envied you your chicness, then had to dash away. I shall be making these.

  8. Perhaps we should all scour the local shops and let you know if we can send you a tin! Must admit I haven't investigated locally, but I'll look next time I go.

  9. Thank heavens my family isn't even aware of this Quality Street stuff.

  10. ahhhh...i haven't lived in the uk for almost 20 years but for some reason (which I really would like to get to the bottom of) I am wishing I could have a tin of quality street or at least a selection box for christmas. no such things here which this year seems so unfair and upsetting. i'm sorry, alice, but you shouldn't take such things for granted and you should have bought a tin in august, if that's what it takes :)

  11. we have some here in the north. and we have wind and rain and sleet and snow too. it's all about balance. (and it's ok, there's still a few days left, perhaps the shop will restock........)

  12. Have you tried your local Co-op? I don't think I've ever bought a tin of these.

  13. If we all send you a couple you could have a tins worth in no time!!

  14. Quality Street.... yuk. But if they're there, I eat them just the same.

    Hope you get them though.

  15. Since we discovered Lindors, Quality Street have been shunned in this house. Shunned, I tell you. It's like someone's taken my childhood Christmas memories and stomped on them.

    (Well, not quite. I think QS have changed a lot since then!)

  16. This is grave news. I can only imagine it's as if I had forgotten to get the See's chocolates, which I did one year and was not forgiven. The cocktail sounds pretty good, though. Hmmm

  17. my favourites are the chocolate caramels in the brown wrappers

  18. Shall I send you a tin?

  19. Now that you can buy those purple ones with the nuts in in a giant version separately at the newsagent, I can live without the rest of the tin.

  20. I had not heard of the Winterberry Cocktail.
    I shall have to add it to my repertoire: it sounds quite lovely. But I shall have to wait until I return across the pond, since my parents across the river seem, quite disconcertingly, to be out of creme de cassis...
    A very merry Christmas to you and yours (if slightly belated the greeting may be -- my father's absolutely opposed to wireless internet...)

    Best wishes,


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